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Discussion on: The First 10 macOS Apps I Install in 2019

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John Papa Author • Edited


Webstorm is great. I used to use it. But VS Code is my go-to the past few years. Love it and it gets better every day (literally with the insiders build). But choose what you like - it's a personal choice we all make

I've tried Hyperdock, Magnet, Spectacle, Divvy, and a few others. They are all okay. I liked how Divvy let me customize several areas with keystrokes. Others do too, but this is where I ended up.

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Heiko Kanzler 🇪🇺 • Edited

I am using IntelliJ IDEA now for over a decade for all of my Java-Projects and while starting with Angular/IONIC, I felt in love with VS Code.

I tried a couple of times some projects in IDEA (which is the ulitmate Edition and contains the features of all other JetBrain IDEs). I love IDEA for it's productivity, but for me, VS Code beats it when it comes to the JavaScript/Node/NPM eco system.

(Running Magnet, but don't use it that often)

My prefered Rest Client is PAW, btw. I use it for almost every web project when I design the service and API layer and then add the web views.

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I am really missing all this "extrract method/constant/variable" on VSCode, which is amazing for refactoring on all JetBrain IDE's.

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Heiko Kanzler 🇪🇺

Absolutely, the refactoring tools are outstanding!