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re: I was thinking about adding an android version of this, it could do some android specific things like: auto save to database dir, easily sync with ...

Hmm, so your Android app will basically have to be able to revert its data to a previous snapshot for instance? Or would you see it as another interface for SirixDB? Hmm, but for the latter case I think with a mobile phone you might not want to compare revisions or do queries as for instance "give me what we had in stock at a specific day" and stuff like that. I'd think more about a very huge display and space filling visualizations plus queries to explore huge data sets. But I guess I'm not even thinking about some possibilities for applications based on SirixDB.

One of the main benefits I guess are audit capabilities, then how products for instance changed prices over time and things like that, simply correcting human or application errors by reverting to any past revision, comparing and exploring revisions of large data sets...

This is also an inspiring article. Or from AzureDB.

Have a great weekend 👍

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