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Very interesting approach! Not"ideal", in the sense that it might not be what angular elements was intended for, but it seems to work surprisingly well with all the requirements you got there. It sounds slightly convoluted though. If the parts are really independent there shouldn't be too many conflicts when using git flow. Also I have to wonder how one would assure a coherent look & feel of those different sections, if needed.

Did you encounter any other drawbacks using this approach?


Hi, so far the only issues I had was with setting up the navigation in the sub-section applications so they still work when running in the parent application, but through using names router-outlets I managed to solve this issue.
As I'm the only developer on this at the moment, things are going ok. It'll be interesting to see what happens when others start working on the app/apps. See if that raises issues, which I'm sure it will.

We're using a UI framework so that helps with the consistent UI.

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