re: It is ⌚time to ditch ReactJS or Angular and use better web standards like web components😍 part 1 VIEW POST


I've to say, I don't appreciate these clickbaity titles...


What would have been a none clickbaity title for you for this blog post?


If it would have to be catchy and just a little bit misleading you could have used "You might not need Angular/React, WebComponents FTW!" or something like that. But the part about ditching angular and react is just plain stupid, as you kind of admit yourself in another comment here. They are tools for a very different kind of task. You would not build a complex app with just web components (you will at least need some other layer for all the business logic) while they are probably the best choice for the job if you want to build a UI library of some sort.

I don't know why it is miss leading or why I'm stupid but okay.

Your opinion and I respect that!

I chose the title because I felt it was the right one.

If you just want to build any UI to get the job done probably jquery is good enough for 90% of the webssite out there.

But my point was not to get the job done. It was to work towards one goal not seperate into a lot of goals.

But again thats just my opinion and point of view.

History will tell if I was wrong or not.

I don't know why it is miss leading or why I'm stupid but okay.

Here's the thing: your opinions aren't you, and the comments aren't about you either.

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