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Being a Developer Advocate: Week 33-35

Three weeks past without a blog post 🧐.

At the moment I have so much going on in my personal life as we are renovating our house. I barely have energy left to write.

But the commitment is there to change that and this post is the start πŸ˜‹

Recording a Podcast

A colleague and me recorded a podcast two weeks back and I had to learn everything from recording it, to audio-post production and publishing.

We opted for a non-company-focused theme and are talking about AI in general and Computer Vision specifically. The target group are AI interested people who may already have some technical understanding and also basic math knowledge.

I like how my colleague breaks down the complex topics in a sober and understandable way. So if you do want to learn about AI in a fact-based manner: This podcast is for you!

Outlining the Seasons Episodes

We did a one-hour meeting where we outlined our first season. We aimed for 5 episodes each about 10-15 minutes long.

I also did a ton of research about AI and computer vision, so we could come up with a clear thread in what order we want to talk about topics.

In my books this makes the whole listening experience more enjoyable as there is less blabla and only relevant content in there.

As usual this turned out to be true again in my opinion πŸ₯³

How to Record

I wanted to try out a web-based recording solution as setting things up locally is not so easy for me and is even more burdensome to your partner in crime.

We tried out, which was very easy to set up and record with. Also the two hour per month free limit is nice. We can record at least one season every month with it.

There are also a lot of features for postproduction and promotion like a built-in editor and sound effects.

Unfortunately we could not use them as my colleagues microphone was way too quiet and the gain had to be turned up quite heavily introducing noise.

And my microphone had a crackling noise with too much gain, which was caused be the XLR-Cable running next to a power supply πŸ˜₯

I guess the audio quality could therefore be a lot better. But you have to start somewhere to learn, right? πŸ˜€

Audio-Post Production

Alway wondered why every professional YouTube-Video or Podcast has the same audio loudness somehow?

Wonder no more: LUFS are the answer!

You basically make sure that your audio is mastered to the platform's loudness requirements.

What I also had to do was to remove all the noise that came from boosting our signals to acceptable levels. At least that is what I tried to do 😝.

For that I used DaVinci Resolves Fairlight which has some plugins to remove some of the noise and also a gate:

What I also recommend is to follow the following guide on how to make your voice sound better afterward:

Link to The Show

Helping Align Product Development

Something that was on my mind for a few month now finally moved forward. As you might know I am located under marketing. While this was fine in the first place I felt disconnected from product and engineering πŸ˜•

This changed now and I am more involved πŸ₯° Attending the refinements and dailies of each team gives me a solid understanding of what we are actually doing inside the company. It also provides a direct way for me to give feedback on specific topics and present feedback from our community/developers.

Overall I am extremely happy with it and already feel more connection and impact!

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