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Kung Flu Hustle - Tech Hall of Shame

Joey Hernández
・1 min read

Have you encountered something in tech and thought come on you can be better than that?

Worst Offenders

This is my top list:

1: The News Outlets.

Still showing pay walls for coronavirus articles?

Too busy arguing about what you are and aren't allowed to call it?

Still blocking ad-block?

Shame on you.

2: Advertisers.

Already I'm seeing adverts and sponsored content for funeral services.


3: Remote access services.

No temporary concession on commercial use for work from home?


The Good Guys

  1. Porn Merchants
  2. Scientific Journals

What an odd couple.


Who else deserves the mark of shame?

Discussion (3)

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Joe Attardi

Too busy arguing about what you are and aren't allowed to call it?

I'm pretty sure it's generally accepted that using the term "Kung Flu" is pretty offensive.

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Joey Hernández Author • Edited

It was once generally accepted that leeches were a cure for most ailments.

Don't let the common riff raff spoil a good laugh.

Not everyone has a funny bone or a sense of humour. That's their loss.

The joke works like this...

  • Kung Fu is a potent martial arts from China.
  • Coronavirus is a virus from China.
  • Coronavirus resembles a potent Flu.
  • The words Flu and Fu are very similar.

This is called a word play, a crude but effective form of humour.

People are also making such a fuss about it that it is at this point purely theatrical. That is, people getting upset over nothing, over spilt milk, because they need the calcium to grow their funny bone.

They're hustling, over the words King Flu. A title of a theatrical piece where there's a hustle over Kung Fu is called Kung Fu Hustle.

You shouldn't watch it because it is a comedy, involving a great deal of humour which you are sure to find offensive.

The film was not very popular because it is generally accepted that funny things are offensive and the movie is very very funny. It should be banned.

The overall joke is that while there are serious things to worry about, many people have made a minor word play at the top of their agenda. The joke highlights that many many people are very petty.

Being petty is a common flaw with attitude. It means making something big out of something small to the point it becomes diminutive to the person exhibiting the behaviour.

When you have a large number of people being petty it becomes a problem and anathema to life and liberty.

For example, once many people made a big thing about people being gay so people couldn't be gay. Today is just as draconian as ever. Today many people make a big thing about people being funny so now people can't make jokes any longer.

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