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re: That is so right at so many levels: When I was a youngy PHP developper, I discovered Laravel and everything lightened up in my head. I was so happy...

you get to build an API, but you also have Queue Jobs, Mailers, View engine, ...

I don't see your point. You get all those things with PHP. Did you ever program with PHP? I suggest giving it a try. It's one of the best things around for web development.

PHP is almost certainly among to top 3 for server side web development. Don't let figures fool you, PHP is a framework for webdevelopment where as many statistics overstate other languages by displaying their frequency of use in other domains. PHP is a DSL.

PHP and derivatives are used by the biggest web services in the world such as Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo.

PHP is an awesome framework. You can pretty much do anything with it, you don't need any other framework.

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