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An Easy Guide for Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development

In recent years, we can see many people utilizing cryptocurrencies for trading, staking, and investments. It is due to the prominence of crypto coins is increasing rapidly in all parts of the globe. On the flip side, crypto coins are the hot talk of the blockchain town and made a massive boom and positive impact in the financial industries. Because in recent times, the value of each crypto has skyrocketed and we can also see the bullish crypto market in the past months. By seeing this, many merchants and big global companies started to accept all the major crypto coins as their payment. For accepting crypto as payment, we need a blockchain-powered crypto payment gateway platform.

Cryptocurrency payment gateway is the payment network and they are efficient. We all know that. But how far can it go? Yes, the storm is getting expanded from the shores of mere exchanging and trading to the levels of crypto payment gateway business. Payment gateways are not restricted to fiat payments and the cryptocurrency traders and exchanges have finally learned it. This is the time to change and with an epic financial system, we are really moving towards financial effectiveness.

Currently, there are many successful crypto business ideas in the crypto space. But among them, the crypto payment gateway is one of the best businesses for generating a good amount of revenue. That’s why there is a great demand for the top-notch crypto payment gateway development service in the marketplace. Speaking of which, there are certain things you should know about launching the cryptocurrency payment gateway platform. Some of you have the question: how much does it cost to develop a crypto payment gateway? Yes, this article is the answer to all your questions related to the cryptocurrency payment gateway platform and how much does it cost to start a crypto payment gateway business.
Let us begin this extraordinary article with…

What is a Crypto Payment Gateway?

The cryptocurrency industry is quickly developing and the payment doors area is blasting. A crypto payment gateway is a stage for online exchanges that assists organizations with tolerating payments in digital forms of money. In the other words, it is a payment network that allows facilitating instant crypto payments in a secure manner.
As far back as five years prior, hardly any players ruled the new market. Presently, there are many of them. Right now, the inquiry lies in how to pick the most gainful, and secure payment passage supplier. We assessed five of the best payment gateways. Each has its individual arrangement of advantages, points of interest, and target crowd on the lookout.

The interest in crypto processing exhibits that organizations need such administrations due to the few benefits of crypto processors contrasted with customary financial administrations. As a matter of first importance, the exchange speed of worldwide payments at banks is fundamentally more slow than with cryptocurrency. Crypto preparing cuts handling time from hours and days to a few minutes. Besides, in certain businesses like betting or gaming, bank commissions for exchanges far exceed the crypto preparing commissions.

At last, one of the greatest strange difficulties of online shops is an undeniable degree of fraud chargebacks. In crypto payments, chargebacks are impractical as exchanges in blockchain are irreversible, and just the holder of the cryptocurrency can execute an exchange utilizing a private key. The popularity of crypto payment gateways made a huge demand for the white label crypto payment gateway. It is a ready-made crypto payment gateway solution that helps you to build a fully functional crypto payment gateway platform within a few days.

Now, let us see…

How does a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway work?

Crypto payment processors work in two distinct manners — one for the vendor and the other for the client. On the merchant side, the client should move the payment from his wallet to the vendor’s wallet address. At that point, the merchant should change his advanced cash over to fiat to his ledger. This is the way it works.

For merchants

  1. The shop merchant should most importantly enlist with your cryptocurrency payment processor to get to the payment move.

  2. When done, the trader ought to coordinate his wallet with the processor. Assuming he has a crypto wallet of himself, he can coordinate that wallet with the payment processor.

  3. On the off chance that you are running an online eCommerce store or any sort of online market, at that point, you need to add the module.

  4. Let your payment acknowledgment segment add crypto payment as one of the payment alternatives.

  5. In the event that your exchanges are for face-to-face payment like the Point of offer exchanges, at that point, it is of essential significance to connect the module to your retail location gadget to get to the digital money exchanges.

This is how the crypto payment gateway platform works for merchants in real-time.

Notable Reasons to Develop a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Platform

There are many reasons for starting a crypto payment gateway business. Here is the list of some essential reasons to develop a digital currency payment gateway platform.

Low Transaction Fees

Tolerating crypto payments mean lower expenses when contrasted with customary payment frameworks. Starting in 2017, vendors paid $90 billion to Visa and Mastercard in charge card swipe expenses alone.

Delicate Data Is Protected

Banks acquire a lot of information from us and hold it. They have our name, address, telephone number, monetary data, FICO rating, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They likewise realize where we’re going through our cash. Thus, with fiat monetary forms, it is difficult to save our protection. Be that as it may, virtual monetary forms guarantee a more significant level of protection. With crypto payments, the exchange information is restricted to specific numbers. No other data is imparted to anybody. Hence, delicate data is secured with crypto payments.


Security is the major benefit of the crypto payment gateway platform. For example, Bitcoin depends on the blockchain which is a disseminated, decentralized, and computerized record. The exchanges made are perpetual. They can’t be adjusted or erased. In this way, the odds of misrepresentation are diminished generally. There will be no fake endeavors or fraud. Apart from this, the blockchain network has never been hacked on the grounds that, to transform one square, the programmer should change the wide range of various squares on the blockchain since they are associated.

No Chargebacks

Ventures need to bear a great deal of misfortune due to chargebacks. Entrepreneurs gripe that they lose a ton of cash to chargebacks. A chargeback is fundamentally a single-direction trick where clients utilize the items and administrations free of charge by announcing fake charges against the business to their Mastercard organization.

No Third Parties

Since there is no outsider included, the cash goes to your crypto wallet that you have full admittance. Nobody can control the wallet. Along these lines, the cash stays with you regardless. Additionally, the public authority has no influence over the exchanges nor can they watch out for the exchanges.

Now, let us see…

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway platform?

You can launch a function-rich crypto payment gateway platform in two possible ways. First, you can build a secure crypto payment gateway platform from scratch. But building a crypto payment platform from scratch consumes more days and this process is very expensive for startups. So I would not recommend this method. So, what is another way? You can go with the best white label crypto payment gateway solution. By using this, you can quickly develop a top-notch crypto platform as per your business necessities. You also need to consider some important factors before developing a crypto payment gateway platform for your business. Such as

  • It should be completely supported by the portal of the website

  • You need to analyze the compatibility of the processor from the different perspectives

  • The platform must be able to handle several crypto payments with no exception

  • Hire the developers from the best crypto payment gateway solution provider in the industry who can offer the ideal white label crypto payment gateway development at a reasonable cost.

  • The conversion of fiat to crypto & crypto to fiat should be secure, fast, and smooth.

  • Your platform must not face any downtime. Therefore, you can handle millions of users at the same time.

  • The database, protocols, trending features, and tightened security systems must be integrated into your platform.

By considering these important factors, you can kickstart a crypto payment gateway business successfully.

Desirable Features of White Label Crypto Payment Gateway Development

Here is the list of essential features that you need to integrate while developing a crypto payment gateway platform.

User features

  • Home Page
  • User Sign-in/ Sign-up
  • My Profile
  • Dashboard
  • My Wallet with Deposit & Withdraw Functionality
  • Deposit & Withdraw History
  • Support Ticket Submission
  • Transaction History
  • Merchant Tools
  • Button Maker and Examples
  • IPN and IPN History
  • API Key Generation
  • Account Settings

Admin Features

  • Admin Sign-in
  • Admin Dashboard
  • View Users
  • View User Deposit/Withdraw History
  • Merchant Payment History
  • Commission Settings
  • Merchant Details
  • Merchant API Category
  • Security Settings
  • Content Management System
  • Support System

You can get all these outstanding features in the best white label crypto payment gateway development.

Benefits of White Label Crypto Payment Gateway Development

  • Effective customer-based relations and perfect transactions.
  • Instant transactions with utmost security.
  • Transaction fees are so low compared to other digital payments.
  • Quicker uptime process without any delay.
  • Multiple devices supporting POS systems.
  • Withdraw your money 24/7.
  • Nothing to worry about the chargeback fraud.
  • International payments and cross-border transactions.
  • Secured with blockchain technology and completely secure.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Platform?

Starting a cryptocurrency payment gateway business is a dream for many crypto enthusiasts and startups. The cryptocurrency payment gateway development will contrast depending on the extra highlights and security choices that you select in your crypto trade. However, there will be a flood of inquiries like — How much does it cost to construct a crypto payment gateway platform? To be more exact, the expense to begin a crypto trade is truly moderate and that is the motivation behind why new companies are dashing to begin their own cryptocurrency payment gateway platforms.

When it comes to the white label crypto payment development cost, It ranges from around $7k — $9k. But one can not predict the exact development cost because with the endeavor’s multifaceted nature and based on the business requirements, the expense may vary.

Bottom Line

For developing a stunning crypto payment gateway platform, you will require a specialist group and a genuine white label crypto payment gateway development service provider to make your platform with all the vital additional items and highlights. There are several providers in the market but Coinsclone is a standout amongst other crypto payment gateway clone script service providers in the industry. We have been serving our best crypto service improvement answers for our clients across the world. With regards to the specific expense of building up a crypto payment gateway platform, it will rely upon your tweaked necessities.

If you are confused about choosing the best crypto payment gateway for your business, I would suggest you create a crypto payment gateway like Bitpay which will be beneficial and effective for startups and entrepreneurs.

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