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I use my phone to try and write, but every time the keyboard got focus, it scrolls out of view of the text cursor.

It's quite difficult to write this way! Hopefully the scrolling gets priority for getting fixed.


That sucks! :( Unless someone reports it they won't know there's a problem to be fixed - I suggest making a issue on their github page:


You can use a screen recording app to make it clear what's happening.

Or you can write out a report by following tip #5:

A good bug report has 5 parts: A. summary B. reproduction steps C. expected result D. actual result E. current settings (ex: windows,chrome) and if you're really going for gold F. pictures/video of the problem. A report like this will make developers sing your praises to the high heavens 😇. Most issues only have a badly written part A. and it can be frustrating to even understand what's going on.


Maybe you can update the link to the screen recording app, because it is broken :) Thanks.

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