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re: Let me ask you this, Joel: Is there any security implication from omitting semicolons? Is it safer to use semicolons? I do not know the answer rig...

Not that I am aware of. But if there were, it would be a game changer in the semi vs no semi debate. So I think if one was found, it would make big news.

If you minify your code, or webpack or roll-up, or Babel, then semi-colons will be added to the dist bundle anyway.

So develop in the style you prefer, use prettier and ESLint to enforce your chosen style and don't stress about it 😁


Since your theories are in direct conflict with my real world experience

I've seen this problem happen in production with actual clients.

Since I started writing JavaScript, back from 1996

...ok. I'll leave you to your mental masturbation. We were talking about language implementations of semicolons, not how old you are.

For anyone that reads this thread: Know the language's implementation and consequences. It's a reasonable thing to expect you to know, and it might come up in an interview. Personal opinions don't matter much if you're asking for the answer to 1 + 1. Toolset iterates constantly and tools disappear sooner rather than later - it's JavaScript that stays. Learn from first principles.

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