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re: @joelbonetr Can you please provide the url of your portfolio? It would be really helpful! Thanks in advance 👍

It's on my profile and linked on the article, moreover on the 100/100 pagespeed link at the top second line of text you will see it =)
Here it is anyway:

I'm editing it those days for Google metrics testing purposes, you may see changes from a day to another.


Oh my! How did I missed it! Anyways amazing website! @joelbonetr Loved your 20 things about me and Working with section it has a unique aesthetic.

Haha no problem and thanks!
I'll try different approaches for different content blocks in a near future till i find what i like more, hope you for being able to build your own with this post :)

Yes I am working on my own portfolio website. I think I can borrow some of your ideas on my website. Is that okay with you?

Yes of course, you can pick whatever you want, but remember that than only copying you'll learn more or less how another one did something, but trying to create your own approach of an idea could make your job better than the source where you find it :)

Exactly! I got your points. Thanks for the enlightment 👍😊

You're welcome, don't forget to show us up your work when finished! 😁

Yes! Definitely I will show up to it! 😉😉

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