Discussion on: Is it possible to get relevant industry experience on your own (not through working at a company)?

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You can simply code apps that you like, make a profile in some freelance webpage, build a web portfolio presenting your works and get into LinkedIn. This should make some companies to contact you for work sometimes and makes you easy to apply into job offers.

Keep in mind that software development is a stressful career so it usually takes time and some jumps from a company to another till you find somewhere to work happily.
I won't help you lying in that fact and telling you all will be ok, but you could take it as a truth to prepare yourself when applying to a job so you can transform in a strong person against that.

There are som devs that go for the money exclusively. You can end working on a company for 40k being happy and that makes you keep in that one, even getting 60k offers and thats what you need (i think).
You may also build a great app and create your own company, why not?!

The best advice i can tell you is "Don't stop coding!", If you work, if you want to learn, it will pay you back sooner than later.
If you can study on an official school (don't know where you live) go for it as you'll have more open doors to dev companies. If not, simply keep coding and get some certificates when possible, there are some free certificagions ad there are some official ones that are not too expensive.