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Angular persist data with no database

joedac profile image Joedac ・1 min read

This is my first post on Dev.to !

I was working on Angular those days, and want to find a way to persist data with no need to create, connect, etc... to a database.
So I take the Tour of Heroes Angular tutorial & think about persisting my data in a json file through a PHP backend API.
This backend will make CRUD operations & have a route for the dynamic research like in the tutorial.

So the API have 5 endpoints (list, store, update, delete, search), when the app calls one of this endpoint, it is persisted in a json file, well formatted to be read back in the app.


When you're typing in the search bar, the backend search through the json file to find your query.


I will share the source on Github soon,
Thanks for reading !


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