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re: What Alternative Text Editors Does DEV Use? (Not VS Code 🐱‍👓) VIEW POST

re: Finally found a Jetbrains user 🤩. I have a background of Android development, so when I tried VS Code I just couldn't get used to it. Since then I ...

I've actually found that VS Code is way more resource hungry than Webstorm. After loading up a large project I'm working on Webstorm consumes about 700MB of memory whilst the same project in VS Code consumes 1.3GB of memory.

Also, though it takes a while, when Webstorm has indexed the project it makes it very snappy to search / navigate around.

Huge fan of Webstorm to be honest. So many things just work nicely out of the box.

Agreed. Once WebStorm finishes indexing then it knocks every ball out of the park. No competitions 💪

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