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Discussion on: Silos and How They Impede Productivity

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Jodie Struthers Author

How is this real DevOps besides from a name change?

It wasn't, which was only one part of the problem. There was an issue with sysadmins/ops/SRE getting stretched thin, with DevOps itself splintered and not at all prioritized by the organization. I ended up filling part of that gap (mostly CI/CD), but was still under-resourced.

A lot of things could have been solved via more transparency, and by others sharing ownership. Eg. deconstructing responsibility silos; this entire issue could have been resolved sooner if the first developer had access to the right logs. Instead they had arbitrary logs and 1/4 of the picture. So it can be summarized as a lack/poor implementation of (real) DevOps.

I could have titled this "Why We Need Dedicated DevOps," haha.

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MertSenel • Edited

I currently work in a company where they are practicing something called "embedded" DevOps where each product team has a dedicated DevOps resource (Im one of those) and there is also a central DevOps/ProdOps team that handles practice level stuff and help out the embbeded engineers as needed.

It has been working pretty well so far.

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