I'm building my first CMS website

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So I'm building my first CMS website ever and it's kind of overwhelming which framework / solution to pick. I've read a lot about it such as dropal, (now dropsl 8),laravel, keystone.js but I still don't know what to pick, and I feel this might have a huge impact once I start to build the website (mostly static but editable content). What could you share on this?

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It all falls down to which Stack you want to use.

If you think it is overwhelming and don't mind PHP, I'd recommend WordPress. You'll need a simple Apache/NginX server + MySQL and PHP. I've worked with WP for some time and you'll need to learn its functions, page hierarchy. It's like a "dialect" inside PHP.

It's very easy to maintain and it's pretty much plug and play, it has a huge variety of plugins and themes (both free and paid), all you have to do - in most cases, assuming you'll go with the "default" - all of this is just a click away. I'm not a fan of PHP, but WordPress is now 30 per cent of the web.


The front end will be all custom, I just looking for some help on the cms part so I don't have to write everything from scratch nor waste valuable time on things, although important, that don't bring value to the business perspective. I've read wp is not as fast as is use to be, and that's a concern to me.


If you're concerned about performance and bloating the UI, WordPress is very customizable.

The bad reputation is due a lot of "drag and drop" plugins. If you want a custom UI, you can use a simple them (Underscore) which relies on the WordPress way of 'programming'. If you don't like PHP, you can use React, VueJS and more.

The CMS part will be the least of your concerns, believe me, and I don't really care for WP/PHP.

I've read wp is not as fast as is use to be, and that's a concern to me.

Since PHP 7 the performance has been increase even more. If you know how to configure your backend, then you'll be fine.

Anyway, if you want a CMS out of the box, that's really the point of WP.

Bottom line, it won't matter what you use, you gotta keep things streamlined.

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