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SQL Review - Useful queries for mySQL

This post will cover some useful mySQL queries that I am just now discovering and that would have been really helpful when I just started my journey of learning sql. Alas, we live and we learn.

Show databases


show databases;

command shows you a list of the databases available.

Use database_name


use database;

command allows you to switch between databases. I've found this one pretty helpful, pretty helpful I'd been double, triple, and quadrouple clicking a database name in mySQL in order to navigate among databases.

Show table


show table

command shows you the tables in a database (which could be especially useful after the use database command)

Desc table_name


DESC table_name;

command shows field, type, key, null value, and default values of a table. This is very helpful for troubleshooting.The extra column would hold something like "auto _increment" for a primary key.

Show Warnings


SHOW warnings

command shows what the warning message is if your query is not correct in some way.

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