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How to Complete a Udemy Course

I am a front-end web developer
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If you're anything like me, you have a Udemy account filled with courses that you bought on one of the site's many sales. Udemy is indeed a developer's catnip. We just can't get enough. We're gonna be so productive and learn all the things!
But if we're being honest, buying a course is usually the first and only step we make. Life happens, we get busy. But the cycle continues because the courses (when they're on sale) are so cheap. So tempting. There are worse things to be addicted than Udemy courses. At least we bought the course. It's the thought that counts right? Where's my cookie for spending 10 bucks on a Udemy course instead of Chipotle?!

This year I decided that instead of buying more Udemy courses, I would actually start working through the ones I had purchased. I had decided to start learning SQL, and luckily I had already stashed 3 SQL courses in my Udemy account. I picked the shortest one to give myself some motivation. It was a 4 hour Oracle course, and I incorporated it into my #100daysofcode challenge. Some days I would only watch one video, others I would watch 3. I tried to not let more than a couple days pass without at least watching one video. These are baby steps, well not even steps since it took me about 29 days to finish the course. 29 days! For a 4 hour course! But I completed it, instead of allowing to sit there for another year. I have moved on to another SQL course, this one about 10 hours long. I look forward to completing that one as well.


  1. Don't buy any more courses
  2. Choose the shortest course you already own on a subject matter you'd like to learn
  3. Watch at least one video a day, no matter how long it takes.

Hope this helps motivate someone to stop buying and start doing :)

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