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I can tell you my story.

I first was a Windows User, then I got introduced to Linux, it was awesome. A few years later I got a job where they gave me a macbook for work, it was nice, I looked fancy and it was similar to Linux but with a nicer GUI, but to be honest, I really hated knowing my macbook constantly communicated with apple, most of the time to send stats about the OS behavior, but really who knows what is really sending out there, it could be anything.

After I left, I bought a new laptop and immediately I installed Linux (Debian), I code, write, surf, design, pretty much everything and I am happy. Recently I got stuck in a course, it was about flutter and the course only covered mac and windows, but I moved around tweaking my laptop and finally got android studio up and running correctly and I am happy with it.

Linux Lover 4ever. having control of what you do and what you have for me is a must have. If you like nice GUI mac is ok. Sorry not a windows fan hehe, not even with the new win10 that runs linux inside.

GIMP for Photoshop and Inkscape for AI
MSOffice on linux can be run using wine, but I use google drive (docs and sheets)

Hope it helps

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