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Hello everyone,

I'm a french ops guy (linux sysadmin), who can handle bash scripts (can we call it dev?), but didn't really write dev program from scratch. I can read and mix things when it comes to perl or javascript, but i think overall getting more skills in dev will help me in my day2day workjob.

One thing which i'm struggling right now, is that i'd like to move forward and change job, and getting more into the devop flow, but it's pretty hard, because in one hand i want to get more skill on dev, and in the other side i don't also want to get involved in a job where i won't progress on this topic.

I think overall, i really need to improve my skill on my own, maybe by working on own projects, or on underground project for my job.

Thing is, when it comes to personal project, i find it difficult, to get back to work again, after my workday, especially because of my wife and kids. But i guess, to be honest that this is an excuse, because afterall, kids or not, everyone have to put effort in it to get to the desired level.

Well, i guess starting right now is a good beginning, and i wish the journey for you guys will be as fine as possible.