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Discussion on: Rejected by Facebook

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John Mendez

It's their process and they can define it however they want. I totally get that.

They did. And you could have graciously declined. Instead you decided to still apply, but demand that they bend to your process. This to me is extremely inconsiderate of the recruiter's time. Again, they also have a job to execute and family to tend to. The processes they require were set by the departments they work with. And they get rated on applicants hired, not applicants contacted.

I'm totally on board that the tech hiring process is broken. But asking for a formatted resume isn't where.

But if their requirement is that I reformat my resume into a .docx format and that I change the font to Comic Sans, then, no - I'm not going to do that. It serves no purpose other than to make them feel good about the idea that I've properly conformed.

You seem to assume the recruiters set the standards. You also assume they can force the tools they use to acquiesce to your whims.

Pdfs render better and more consistently than docx. Should they be forced to correct the rendering in their machine just to read your resume?

Did you know that comic sans is easier to read for dyslexics? Should a dyslexic hiring manager understand that you've been in this game too long for such "hoops"?

Asking for a formatted resume has nothing to do with making you feel less than.

And it's probably a good indication that it's not the type of organization that I'd like to work for anyway.

Completely agree. And it was evident from the moment they asked for a formatted resume, that you didn't wish to oblige with.

Yet again, you decided to continue with the process. No one forced you. And you even stated that you felt you would "get the honor" to be rejected during other stages of the process.

I'll repeat, the hiring process is broken. But it's not by asking for a formatted resume. I was hoping to read about how it's actually broken, not about how you feel above sending your info in the format they ask. And that's where you lost me.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

🙌 🙌 🙌 Alright, man. You win. Peace. 🙌 🙌 🙌