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Discussion on: All front end Interview questions asked during my recent job hunt.

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John Mendez • Edited on

These interview questions aren't necessarily meant to be answered on the spot. They're purposely complex so that the interviewer can see your thought and team process.

I was dumbfounded by many interview questions and I'm currently in a few final rounds. One of them is a fortune 500 company, and that's the one I most shaky in and never wrote a full implementation. But by talking my way through it aloud, the interviewer realized that I knew what I was doing and needed more time.

Just make sure to collaborate with the interviewer as if you already work there. Ask questions and provide input as you search for the solution. Understand why you're making certain choices, and the tradeoffs of them. They want to know how you'll be on the job after all.

Any honest developer would agree that if you haven't seen these problems before, it would take more than a couple of hours.

Like, who seriously believes promises were implemented in a day, let alone a couple of hours? And for those who do think that, do you even want to work with that toxic mentality?

The path to the solution is more important than the solution. So focus less on interviewing, and more on acting the same as you would on the job.

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ogrotten • Edited on

Solid take and advice. Thanks.