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How to Automate Your Coffee Break: Python and IoT


We all love our coffee breaks. They’re a time to relax, clear our minds, and, most importantly, ingest that sweet caffeine to get us through the day. But as Python programmers, aren’t we always looking for ways to make our lives easier? Now, imagine automating your coffee-making process with Python and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. A dream come true, right?

Warning: this guide might turn you into a coffee-loving Pythonista if you aren’t one already!

Choosing the Right Tools

Before we get started, you'll need a programmable coffee machine. Something like a Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation, which can connect to your network and accept commands via an API.

And of course, we'll need Python - the Swiss army knife of coding. If you haven't yet installed Python or need a refresher, there's no shortage of guides available online. Once Python is ready to go, we can start brewing… not the coffee, but the code!

Python and IoT

With the help of a Python library, like PyOTA, we can send commands to our IoT coffee machine to automate the brewing process.

First, we need to import the necessary library:

from pyiota import CoffeeMaker
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Next, let’s make a connection with our machine:

my_coffee_maker = CoffeeMaker('<YOUR_COFFEE_MAKER_IP_HERE>')
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Don't forget to replace <YOUR_COFFEE_MAKER_IP_HERE> with the IP address of your IoT coffee machine.

Now, let's create a function to brew the coffee:

def brew_my_coffee():
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It's as simple as that! With just a few lines of Python code, you've got yourself an automatic coffee brewer.

But wait, we can take this a step further.

Make It Time-based

What if we want our coffee ready when we wake up? Python's got our back. With the schedule library, we can set a specific time for our coffee to brew.

import schedule

def job():

# Schedule job for 7:30am
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This will automatically start brewing our coffee at 7:30 every morning. Ah, the smell of automation in the morning!


And there you have it – a simple, Python-powered solution to streamline your daily caffeine intake! With this handy set-up, you can wake up every day to the sound of your coffee brewing, ready for you to start coding away.

Remember, this is just a glimpse of what you can do with Python and IoT. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination, your patience, and how much coffee you can drink!

Oh, and don't forget to fill the coffee machine with water and coffee beans every night, until we figure out how to automate that too!

Happy brewing, Pythonistas!

Please, do share your feedback or any interesting hacks you might come up with. I'm all ears and ready for some creative caffeine-infused automation. And don't hesitate to share this article with your coffee-loving coder friends!

Note: Python will not help with coffee spills or potential caffeine overdoses. Please caffeinate responsibly.

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s3ntrail profile image

The only thing we are missing is the motivation and energy to refill the beans and water. But I guess the thrill of having a good cup of coffee is motivation enough to do it regurarely.

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John Mark Bulabos

Absolutely! I mean, who doesn't love the anticipation that builds as you refill the coffee beans and water, knowing that you're setting up for another great cup of automated java joy? 😄 Plus, if we can put code into our coffee machines, surely we can infuse a little bit of that energy into the coffee refilling process too! #CoffeePoweredCoding ☕🚀