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I'm not sure if my question is stupid but...

Why are we all on a laptop?

It's strange to me that we all felt the trade-off MacBook pro vs iMac was obvious

  • A lot of laptops used for programming rarely move anyway.
  • Why should I care the MacBook are even thinner now? It was not really a bottleneck for doing my work...
  • Working on a laptop ensure you have a crappy posture
  • Sreens are larger
  • You good good specs for a lower price.
  • the extra money saved can be used for buying a Chromebook it an iPad when you do need a computer on the go
  • You get ports, no need for lots of adapters
  • Keyboard is broken? No big deal

it's easier to go with a MacBook to the Meetup.
Ok, but going there without a computer and talking to people is better in my experience.


Exactly my view. Especially the posture thing. So many people do it wrong, unfortunately.

With the extra money, you can also buy a previous generation laptop (maybe refurbished) and use an online IDE to do your heavy coding.


I personally really move my laptop - working from the office, working from home, working from a coffee shop. I have external monitors at work and home and a laptop stand for working on the road for posture. If you are in one location I agree that you don't need a laptop.


I think if you're in an on-call rotation you're stuck using a laptop, I don't see another option short of some kind of VM/remote access. I'm working remote of out of my home now and I'm basically docked all the time unless I want to work from a coffee shop or brewery for the afternoon. Honestly I'd prefer a beefy desktop running Linux but I've yet to work anywhere that has even considered a setup like that as an option.


For most people it's probably the meetings. You sometimes want to show things to other people. For me working as a freelancer for different clients and often on site there is no other option.


Use a laptop like a desktop (mouse, monitor, keyboard) and you lose most of the drawbacks. The benefit is sacrificing a little power for portability. Ability to take laptops to meetings, to move demos around, to be able to hot desk, to work from home, to be able to work during travel. The price saving and the extra power aren't worth those benefits.

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