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UDEMY: BUT WOAH, hold on, haven't you seen those prices!? It's okay, worry not. They have incredible sales almost every week, where a 199€ course will cost 11€ or lower.

If I may be cynical one moment:

Those are not incredible sales, those are the real prices.

The 199€ price tag is just there to help you believe that those courses are incredibly valuable.

This is a technique called "Price anchoring".



Hello Jean, thank you for your comment.

I don't think I'm saying anywhere that either 11 or 199 are good/real/x prices, I just wanted to clarify that the prices go lower every week in their sales, so new users don't give up when they see those prices.

I'm not going into marketing politics here, I'm just sharing useful resources.


Yes, it was not against you!
I wanted to add that I put more trust in companies that have a transparent pricing scheme.

Ah that's of course.

I posted every platform and course where I literally put my money (except for Crehana, as said), but I understand trust issues are everyone's own bussiness.

Thank you again for your sincere opinion!

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