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What a co-worker of mine refers to as "licking the cookie", which is to say getting attached to, or feeling ownership of, a code base. This is especially true in highly collaborative environments. I've seen this in two ways, the first is folks getting frustrated when a project dies on the vine, or is sunsetted. Priorities change, technologies shift. This is part of business. The second is harder. When someone rewrites parts of or takes over anothers code base. This can cause feels, and while understandable, again it happens.

Conversely (and ironically perhaps) is, taking over or rewriting anothers codebase with out direction to or having a conversation about doing so. Too many times I've seen (and done it myself) a more senior level engineer come in and bowl over a more junior engineers work. Even when necessary, there is a lost teaching moment here and it's bad form.

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