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This is me in a nutshell. I was very happy as a senior Solaris developer [curmudgeon: "full stack, eh? Does that start at the firmware and go up to the browser, or did you forget something?"], until suddenly I wasn't and have been actively looking for work for 4 months now.

While I had some talks with other companies prior to getting retrenched, I didn't make any moves because I was committed to what I was doing, was the "go to" person for several teams in disparate areas, and had significant responsibilities and influence.

Now, though, while I'm upskilling on a heap of technologies that I never needed to know beforehand, I'm paying careful attention to how ads are written and noticing what @DerekD mentioned about frameworks vs languages.

Another thing about resumes / linkedin - my experience is that while it's easy to add a new position, writing a blurb which advertises you sufficiently (let alone well!) is difficult - or is that just because I'm hesitant to blow my own trumpet?

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