Do you style for the Galaxy Fold?

jmau111 profile image Julien Maury ・1 min read

The Galaxy fold is a smartphone with a folding screen
I guess the answer is yes, but how exactly?

I'm thinking about being "extra extra responsive", but do you have examples, useful resources about it?

Any hint would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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Does it matter?

I mean, doesn't it present itself as a single rectangular viewport the same as any other device?


I'd think this is the only sensible approach unless the folding phone becomes very very popular... But it's an interesting thought experiment in that context.

Where it might be the best experience to think of distinct columns as the most ideal user experience to fit the flow of the phone?


I know they (W3C) are considering enhancing the Web for dual screens. Maybe we'll get new ways to make websites and webapps.


But then what happens if they rotate it so it's two distinct rows?
I'm looking forward to phone screens that look like concertinas already.