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Discussion on: Build your Responsive website without media query

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Julien Maury • Edited

that's clever, but I did not fully understand your point. Do you think we'd better stop using media queries ?

With your techniques, the goal is to reduce the size of the CSS and kill some redundancy?

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Temani Afif Author • Edited

We cannot really stop using media queries but you can reduce them a lot especially when it comes to sizing. A lot of developers write many media queries to only update the number of columns or to switch from an horizontal to a vertical layout. Using my technique you can now avoid this.

The article is a kind of "think outside of the box" to show everyone that media query shouldn't be used automatically especially that now CSS has a lot of new features that can achieve complex things with few lines of code.

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Well done, my first reaction was "oh come on, you can't do sites without media queries; on real projects there are just too many pieces to do that without a lot of headaches".

As an experiment and proof of concept this is really neat though, nicely done. :)

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