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Discussion on: Too Old To Be In Tech?

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Julien Maury

I've seen so many counterexamples for those clichés in this IT business. Some senior techs are very young, and some aren't. Some people learn pretty fast, and some don't. There's no direct correlation with their age.

Recruitment is not that easy.

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Edgar X. González Cortés

I sympathize with the article but I have to agree as well with you. While yes, people do judge because of age in some places, ironically a lot of them are the same people that will preach tolerance.

The article did open my eyes a little bit. It reminded me of last year when I was looking to hire a junior developer. In the job post I wrote I was looking for a recent graduate or going through school. In my mind, yes, I was looking for a younger person. Would I have considered an older person? Of course, I would expect the same, a decent portfolio, humbleness and a willingness to grow with a small company.

It was hard to get someone because when you post a tech job, anybody and everybody will apply blindly. I had people with doctorates applying. I'll assume they were looking for a freelance-kind of relationship.

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