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Burger or not burger?

jmau111 profile image Julien Maury Updated on ・1 min read

Hamburger menus are widely used in modern websites to handle the navigation experience on mobile devices.

So you click on the following icon to show a navigation menu, which is hidden by default (toggle menu):

Hamburger menus

Is it the ultimate pattern or do you have other ways to handle it? Do you prefer hiding the navigation menu by default or showing all menu links?

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Vitor Paladini • Edited

Hamburger menus on mobile: Great, expected, easy to understand and use ⭐️

Hamburger menus on desktop: Oh god please no, just give me a regular menu, come on there is plenty of space 😩

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Julien Maury Author

you're right, it might be the easiest solution, but it does not mean it's not the best solution.