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The idea for this project came into existence after misplacing a notebook that I used to keep track of the different kinds of coffee and the brewing methods used. Owning a Breville espresso machine has turned making coffee into a science experiment. There are many variables that can affect the taste of coffee such as the the amount of coffee beans (dose) used for a single cup of coffee. The grind size also affects the taste tremendously.BrewCoffee is an application that allows coffee enthusiasts to keep a list of information about the coffee brewing process. A user can create a new account by typing in a username and password or by using their Google account information. Once a user has logged in they can add a new entry by filling out the form that requires the following information: name of coffee, brand of coffee, grind size, dose (grams), extraction time (seconds), extraction value (grams), and equipment type. The user can select from a list of equipment in the database or add a new equipment. To add a new equipment a user will need to fill out the form requiring information about the brand and model. A user can also add a comment to a brew entry by clicking comment after the brew form has been submitted. When a user logs out they are brought back to the homepage to login.

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