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Discussion on: How to backup your Firestore data automatically

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Julien Landuré Author

Hi Guillaume 👋

Thanks for your feedback. 👍
I invite you to report the error on the github of the project here.

For the service account and the ownerrole, I just followed the documentation here.
Perhaps we could use the Cloud Run service account.

This first tutorial on "how to backup your Firestore data" is described to show a simple usecase. I understand your advices on security management. Your idea to use KMS is interesting.

Thank you.

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blaquiere guillaume

I created the issue #7 and the pull request #8

Security still can be higher, with private Cloud Run, and Cloud Scheduler with a service account identity and the role run.invoker granted on it for calling the Cloud Run.

Unrelated comment: I hope you enjoy your GDE Summit weekend!