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Discussion on: Sure you want to be a tech lead?

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Jason Towle

Great article Michael, some great food for thought for anybody looking to move into a tech lead role. Even for those in one now. Evaluating the "why" of wanting something I think is hugely important and something I've wrestled with throughout my time as a software developer.

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Michael Rice Author

Thanks Jason!!

The why question is a theme that comes up for a lot of the stuff I talk about, but sometimes we risk turning into a Whyer (not a whiner or a winer, but a whyer).

I think once you've settle the why question, then it's time to EXECUTE!

Of course, once you start executing, makes sense to keep recalibrating to make you what you're getting in your execution continues to align with your WHY but then KEEP EXECUTING!

Thanks again for the thoughtful comment Jason!