re: It is ⌚time to ditch ReactJS or Angular and use better web standards like web components😍 part 1 VIEW POST

re: I don't have anything against frameworks. What I want from these frameworks is to target web components. Everybody is still free to do what they ...

Ah okay, I think I got a little misguided by the post's title them. So you're meaning kind of like Svelte 3 is already doing? (although with an optional compiler flag) My understanding is that the current WC spec is challenging to work with to achieve some patterns and features that are considered needed or very useful in frameworks. Which is why it might make more sense from a framework perspective to only optionally target WCs in order to fully support some features without a lot of extra hassle and workarounds.

One problem area that comes to my mind is the Web Components total inability to handle SVG content conveniently due to elements needing to exist in the html namespace

The moment I can turn my reactjs component into a web component I would be happy!

SVG in general are kind of challenging but that's IT in general

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