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One thing worth pointing out is that a lot of folks who haven't had any experience of mental health problems in their life (either themselves or someone close to them) can mistake depression for burnout. Now, they are quite definitely different things (and I've dealt with both) but I've found that a lot of the same strategies work for me (some of which have been mentioned here):

  • Diet - I find that when I'm feeling unwell my diet can slide and I find myself eating a lot of fast food and drinking too much coffee. Make a concious effort to get on top of it if that works for you.
  • Exercise - You don't have to sign up for the gym, but just going for a walk on the weekend is a good start. Make sure you get some sun on your face - it has been strongly correlated with improving mental health.
  • Non-code hobbies - When I can't bring myself to code I still need to keep myself busy or I get the sads. For me it's sailing and electronics, for you it might be cooking and mountain biking. Whatever works.
  • Ask for help - you've already done this, which is great. Talk to your loved ones about how you're feeling. They don't have to help - they just have to listen.
  • See your Dr - if it's really bad or continues for a long time then talk to your GP. It's entirely possible that there's a medical reason for your mood. Something as simple as snoring or not drinking enough water could be the problem.

To be clear; I'm not suggesting that you are depressed. I am not a Dr. I'm just sharing my experiences. You're already doing the right thing by talking about it here. For those of us who get paid to write code creative burnout (AKA writers block) can be very very disruptive to our careers. Good luck!


Thank you so much! Definitely important not to rule that out.

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