Thoughts on Craft, Part 1

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A series tracking my thoughts on Software Craftsmanship as they develop.

Get some words down there

Hackathons, hackjams, meetups, conferences, and so on. Open Source communities, Hacker News, heated discourse on whether Agile actually works, stuff like that.

That's all stuff that makes me think that people care about what they do, and care about being better, however good they already are. I've attended talks from people who claim to exclusively pair-program, and others who love working with Clojure despite the fact that it's Clojure. There are a lot of talks generally, with lots of passion and ideas flowing.

Boil it down, now

What I'm getting at is that Software Development presents more as a vocation or a life choice than a career. There's a thriving community, where experienced professionals give up free time to learn and teach.

Nothing I've listed is unique to this industry, but it's all so pervasive that it makes a unique industry.

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