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Discussion on: Lambda Function GraphQL Resolvers

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𝓙𝓲𝓢 𝓛𝓲𝓾

Followup: I like to change the name of project/function when follow tutorial, this time, however, I discover if I don't use function in lambda name, the cloudformation could not actually create the stack.

I went ahead and redo the first part of tutorial, but run into an issue when running amplify push after I run amplify update api (instead of amplify add api I had to use update because the api has already been created.)

Current Environment: dev

| Category | Resource name    | Operation | Provider plugin   |
| -------- | ---------------- | --------- | ----------------- |
| Function | currencyfunction | Create    | awscloudformation |
| Function | currency         | No Change | awscloudformation |
| Api      | currencyapi      | No Change | awscloudformation |
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βœ– An error occurred when pushing the resources to the cloud

Inaccessible host: `'. This service may not be available in the `us-west-2' region.

Any pointer would be appreciated!