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I've lived through all of the personal computer eras. They each had their moments. But I would have loved to be there back in the punch-card, mainframe days when man was launching themselves to the moon on "computers" barely as powerful as a simple calculator.

Regarding Y2K, I made serious money during that period of time. We were contracting 80 hours a week (I was paid hourly) for a hospital system, getting mileage for driving 2 hours each way per day and getting per deim for meals (which I banked because I rarely ate out). My boss even bought me a new car (stick-shift Honda CRV). I was in my 20's, so working that kind of hours wasn't a big deal.

I didn't think the world was going to end because of Y2K, but hospitals had a liability concern and had no other choice than to address the potential issue. So I don't feel bad about the money I made off of them during those couple of years.

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