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Currently, a company of less than 20 employees. Working in small business has been fairly typical of my career, with the exception of a couple of years that I worked for a large hospital system. That said, I've worked as a contractor from simple IT support on up to board-level responsibilities in hospital systems.

Anyway, I enjoy working for this company. I'm in "senior leadership", as we refer to it. Kind of like a VP of a division of the company. My area of influence is IT and eCommerce. I have the authority to make decisions for the company as I see fit. Most of my subordinates are remote contractors since a lot of what we need done is project oriented. Or I contract with a local IT support company if I need local assistance. Where other departments are required to meet with ownership on a weekly basis, I often go weeks without having to provide updates. I do my thing and they give me their full trust that I'll get the job done.

I do a wide range of things in my daily work. In addition to day-to-day IT and eCommerce tasks, I also do things like:

  • Windows Domain Administration and all the annoyances that entails.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Failover Cluster administration
  • Internal app development, such as industrial hose certification tracking, developing a custom CRM to complement our vertical market ERP, developing middleware for ERP-to-Automated Vending integration and developing and maintaining all the custom integration between our ERP and Magento 1.9 (soon moving to 2.x).
  • I do a lot of data processing, mostly related to price updates (Trump's tariffs are going to drive me to an early grave) and rich web content for our product data.
  • I sometimes get non-IT/eCommerce projects from the ownership (and sometimes I find things I'd like to improve myself) since I have experience running a business myself. Mostly improving business processes, negotiating contracts, providing mentoring to other departments, etc.
  • I have my pet projects, mostly programming-related stuff.

My days are never boring. And I always have some interesting challenge to take on. I prefer challenging work. Otherwise I get bored. It's not uncommon for me to look up from what I'm doing and realize it's time to go home.

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