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1: Music is my healing. It helps me channel my feelings at a particular time, such as I did in these two songs:



2: I don't know if it's this way at the "cool" tech companies but in the typical, non-tech, corporate world, people who have and admit to having mental health issues tend to get put on the infamous "Performance Improvement Plan" sooner or later. Most people with these issues will choose to suffer in silence. I have seen this become a problem a few times when self-medication gets out of hand or, yes, someone commits suicide. Basically, most companies don't care and won't care unless it hurts their bottom line.

3: Without a financial incentive, all you'll get is the typical corporate "virtue signaling" but no action that actually helps. The best thing we can do as team members and leads is to not be a jerk to other people and notice if someone is struggling.

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