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Discussion on: Migrating a Vue 2 project to Vue 3

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Jordan Brennan

Migrated a mid-sized app about 6 months ago. Biggest gain for me wasn't even Vue-related - it was finally getting support for JavaScript’s optional chaining operator.

Refactored a couple components - one of which used pretty much every Vue feature (props, data, watchers, computed, directives, etc.) - and I didn’t see it doing much. Didn’t save any meaningful amount of code and after I was done it actually felt less organized. It also introduced a ton of const x = vueFunc(…) boilerplate. Code looked dirtier imo.

I wish their focus would turn to making SFC the default with zero config and zero dependencies or plugins required.

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Per Enström Author

Interesting! I find composition API code to much more readable. But as it often is, what is readable to you is highly subjective.

Could you elaborate on you SFC comment? What kind of config and dependencies are they requiring today?