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Discussion on: I need your feedback about a new programming language idea to improve its design.

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Jannis Jorre

I don't think the "less time to write" argument is so valid, because auto-complete is a thing, and it will probably complete a simple l to length if it's good. Does require more tooling though.

But I'm always the person who'd rather have long words and avoid all abbreviations. :D

Function being a variable is interesting! Didn't get that/remember it correctly.

Have fun and good luck with the language!😇

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Mohammad Amin Khakzadan Author • Edited on

yea, function is a variable. it's not like python, ruby or whatever else.

def = 1;
module = 1;
func = 1;
lambda = 1;
something = 1;

all of them are variables, we have no limit for choosing our variable names.