re: If your programming language were a Pokemon, which would it be? VIEW POST


I'm honestly going to go out on a limb and say that C is Eevee, while the many different C-like languages (C#, C++, Objective-C) are the evolutions.

In C#'s case, it would be Espeon. Nice, friendly, elegant, and comes from a lot of hard work and friendship that mostly takes place during the daytime since most who use it do so at their daily job.

C++ would probably be Umbreon, quite technical, can outclass C# in a number of ways, and your friendship with it most likely develops during the night when you're training yourself in it, whether at uni or as a hobby.

Objective-C would be Sylveon. While mostly cute, it's still appealing, can use many of C's features as-is, and its power comes from the love that went into making the language what it is.

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