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What Are The Critical Features That Shouldn't Be Missed On Your Onlyfans App?

The pandemic has made things more difficult for everyone around the world, especially for celebrities, who cannot keep their fans engaged with content due to the outbreak. The introduction of tech apps has significantly shaped the current market as the world rapidly approaches the zenith of the digital age. The perfect companion for celebrities to stay in the spotlight of their fans has always been social media; however, these platforms have always disappointed fans and made them want more.

Entrepreneurs developed a new solution that solved the problem and provided a steady stream of income for celebrities. Premium celebrity membership apps have emerged as the perfect tool for celebrities to communicate with their fans. These apps have become hotspots for entertainment as pathogens spread on the streets and people began to practice social distancing. 

Many entrepreneurs have started entering this lucrative sector as it provides a steady income stream and has vast future potential. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to create a subscription-based social media app similar to the OnlyFans clone, here are some features you should include.

Live Streaming:

Live streaming is an important feature in your app because it allows celebrities to communicate with their fans in real-time.


Fans should tip their users based on how well they performed during a session or interaction. Celebrities will receive a slew of suggestions.

Top Pro Badges:

Fans who regularly interact with celebrities will earn the Top Fan Badge on the app. The badge will be displayed next to the user's profile name, and it has the potential to improve customer retention.

Campaign To Raise Funds:

Celebrities must have the ability to organise fundraisers for specific events or social causes. They can donate to a good cause through the platform.

PPV Messaging Includes: 

Pay-per-view is a great way to improve your customer experience as it allows them to have private chat sessions with their favourite celebrities.


In this pandemic, subscription-based social media platforms have seen increased user engagement and overall revenue. This trend is expected to continue, according to experts, and there is still a long way to go in the future. Don't miss out on this lucrative business opportunity; get started by contacting a reputable OnlyFans app development company.

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