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Discussion on: How I remember everything I learn

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Jessy Cormier

Please take a look at these "second brain" apps. One I found literally this week while I started feeling this need to start capturing knowledge and organizing is It's honestly instantly become my goto for note taking and knowledge base growth. I have what they call Vaults, for work projects, on my personal pc for my personal knowledge base. Back-up happens via OneDrive (for now, prob not the best idea)

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karawitan • Edited on looks nice. One question though, which LICENSE is it shipped with ? (did not find it browsing to gh/obsidianmd ...)

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Ian Turton - gives terms and conditions.


OBSIDIAN is licensed as follows:

Personal use.

OBSIDIAN can be used for free for your own, private, non-commercial purposes (e.g. taking notes, doing research). The use of OBSIDIAN for the exercise of your own trade or profession for which you directly receive compensation (e.g. team work with colleagues, writing work reports) does not qualify as personal use.

Special personal license.

You have the option to obtain a special OBSIDIAN personal license (CATALYST) that grants you access to early, exclusive OBSIDIAN versions (INSIDER BUILDS). However, CATALYST is not required for personal use.

Commercial use.

If you use OBSIDIAN for commercial use, you must obtain a commercial license. Commercial use is defined as using OBSIDIAN for work-related activities in a company with two (2) or more employees.

Companies must purchase at least as many licenses as the number of people using OBSIDIAN.

For commercial use, you may evaluate OBSIDIAN without a commercial license for a maximum of fourteen (14) days.

If you obtain both a CATALYST license and a commercial license, you can use our early, exclusive OBSIDIAN versions (INSIDER BUILDS) for commercial use.

Non-profit organizations can use OBSIDIAN without commercial licenses.