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Why Choose Angularjs Framework Over Any Other Framework?

jessicabennett profile image Jessica Bennett ・3 min read

Thanks to the evolution of the technological world, we don’t have to deal with broken links and unresponsive websites. Today the web platforms are more interactive, responsive and make for better user experience.

If you want to build a better UX for your website as well, you should worry about the front end development. And when it comes to front-end development, then Angular should be your first choice. The JavaScript framework supported by Google has been around for a long time now, yet it is still the best framework you can choose for the front-end development of your website. 

But why is it still so popular? Let’s find out why AngularJS is still a better choice for front-end development than any other framework for your website. 

Easy To Use

With AngularJS it is easy to develop a website because of its feature-rich nature. The framework comes with high-end features that help developers to build a website with minimal coding. Not to mention, for complex websites, developers can code parallelly on various components of the website, reducing the time needed to develop the website. 

Supported By A Large Community

As a framework developed by Google developers, you can be sure that AngularJS is supported by a huge community of developers and development companies. Which is why it is better than most frameworks out there. Not to mention, Angular is maintained by Google itself, which means when you choose an Angularjs web development company, you get to be a part of the biggest and most active developer community in the world. 

MVC Architecture

One of the best features of AngularJS is the use of MVC architecture. The Model View Controller architecture saves time when developing the website.

With this feature, the developers can develop the website or application in three separate layers and then string the codes together. This is an incredibly efficient way of developing a web platform, and the fact that AngularJS uses it makes it more important for you to choose angular js web development for your website.

Two-way Data Binding

Another of the many reasons why AngularJS is one of the best frameworks to work with is because of its two-way data binding feature. With this feature, the different modules of the web platforms are tied together, and whenever there is a small change in one of the modules, the entire platform is updated accordingly. 

With Angular, two-way data binding becomes incredibly useful because it can be done with only a few lines of codes. And that’s why if you want to take advantage of this technology, you should hire Angularjs developer for your project today.


The modularity feature of AngularJS makes it really convenient when it comes to developing complex web applications. It enables developers to break down the platform into many small modules that rely on each other and can be strung together to build a running application. 

Any certified Angularjs developer can make sure that your complicated web platform is created in an efficient way. The development will take less time than it would with any other framework.

So if you are wondering what will be a reliable enough framework to build your business website with, look no further. AngularJS can be the absolute best choice for your website, no matter how simple or complicated your platform is. There are many other benefits and reasons why you should pick this framework. It is an incredibly feature-rich framework, with which you don’t have to use any other third-party software. So if you are looking for a framework for your web platform, AngularJS can be the right solution for you. 

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Is this satire?

In case it is, let me make an ass of my self.

AngularJS is empirically worse than almost any other modern framework.
I literally cannot think of a single positive' metric that AngularJS excels at.

And mind you i have been using it since 0.9.something-something... :D


In fact we did not even have all the mouse events back then.

If wanted on hover events, i had to add the event to a string in the minified JS.
Minified JS is say!

(And yes i am baiting that one programmer who is gonna be like, when i was young we had punchcards, and we liked it! Which will probably be beat by the guy who did not have a sorting machine for his punchcards in case they got dropped etc... etc..)

This has been an officially sanctioned random outburst.
I am gonna go to bed now.


Useful and informative article on why choose Angularjs, I found one blog on same topic check out here here bit.ly/2QrsIuF



Did you mean Angular or AngularJS? They aren't the same. AngularJS is so bad that Google is going to stop supporting it.