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Web Design & Age: What You Need To Know About Age Responsive Web Design

jessicabennett profile image Jessica Bennett Updated on ・4 min read

At this point, we all know what a responsive website is. But what is an age-responsive website?

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the device age and stuff. When we are talking about age responsive website, we mean the user’s age and how responsive the website is to them. 

You can’t aim a specific age group as your target demographic. More often than not, this target demographic is spread across various age groups. And as a result, you have to make sure that all the users who belong to different age groups are equally impressed with your website. It may sound simple, but it is not. 

When it comes to design, different age groups respond to different styles and elements. What is appealing to a teenager, is not going to be appealing to someone who is in their thirties. So how are you going to manage to make your website age responsive? 

Below we have mentioned four elements and the difference between the preferences of two kinds of demographics. 


The design layout is the first thing that the user responds to. Which is why you have to make sure that you create such a layout for your website which attracts both the younger audience and the older generation as well. 

When it comes to younger users, they respond well to intuitive designs. Hidden menus and icons are easy for them to navigate through. But on the other hand the older generation of users like the straightforward approach towards design layouts. They like to have their menus displayed clearly on the homepage and like to have the icons labeled so that they don’t have any problems navigating the site. So if you see that your website’s target audience is leaning towards an older generation, then you might want to let go of that sleek and intuitive design and approach with a straightforward design layout. 

Design Aesthetics

The user’s opinion on your website is going to be a decided matter within 50 milliseconds of their landing on your website. And that is even before they have scanned your homepage. 

And this is exactly the reason why you need to think hard about the design aesthetic of your website. Different aesthetic impresses different demographic, and that’s why your website aesthetic needs to be perfectly matched with your target audience. This is why most companies for Web design NYC follow the age responsive model for designing the right aesthetic for website designing. 

When it comes to colors, it is seen that older users are much more impressed by the muted and softer hues, such as pastel colors. But the younger generation, on the other hand, prefers vibrant colors such as bright red, orange and purple. So if your website caters to the younger generation then you must use bright colors, otherwise, the entire aesthetic of the website might bore them. 

As for the texts and fonts, the older generation is much more fond of text content and like it better when the font size is bigger and there is more space between the text rows. Even though texts content on websites go largely ignored, they still need to be well written and edited to be published on the website. Remember that badly written and mistake-filled text content on websites tend to repel any kind of regardless of age.


Different generations like different ways of collecting information. The younger generation, such as users starting from 12-18 years old like having their information served to them through videos and images, such as infographics. The colorful illustrations make it more interesting for them to consume the information and they love watching interesting videos. 

On the other hand, as we have already mentioned in the point above, the older generation like text-based information. They are more prone to read larger articles, and blogs and other written content. So if you notice that your target Audience include both kinds of users, make sure to include all formats of content.

UX Functionality 

The user experience aka UX is probably the most important part of your website. And that’s why the UX needs to be functional and effective for your users, otherwise, they are going to leave your platform for some other website. 

When it comes to exploring the website, study shows that teenagers love to explore the site by clicking, as in for them, clickable elements are much more satisfying method of exploring the website. On the other hand, users above the age of 18 prefer the longer format scrollable website, where they don’t have to click around much. 

And of course, when we are discussing web design then we have to talk about the user’s patience. It goes without saying that teens and young adults have smaller attention spans and less patience. And that’s why if they don’t find what they have been looking for on your website immediately, they are going to leave. 

The older generation of users have a better level of patience, but that does not mean they will spend hours on your website just to find the right information. They are definitely going to stay on your website a little longer and check out the content, but once they realize they won’t find what they are looking for, they will also leave. 

Optimizing your website according to the target audience’s age is going to be paramount when it comes to the success of the business and the website. So when you are building the website, whether using an in-house design team or hiring the best web design companies in New York, make sure that your website design is optimized to be age responsive. 

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