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Php Vs Java: What You Need To Know Before Making A Choice?

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The key to a website’s success is the programming language and tools that are being used. And in case you are not a tech-savvy person, making the wrong choice can seriously harm your website success. There are a number of development languages available for web development projects, such as python, HTML, c, c++, etc. However, here with this article, we are going to talk about the two biggest giants of web development languages- PHP and Java.

Before you make a decision about which language to choose you should compare both this development language. What are the differences? What are the similarities? Let’s take a look.

What Are Php And Java?

Before beginning, this is a small rundown of what PHP and Java are.

Php is a recursive acronym for hypertext preprocessor. It is the most popular, open-source and server-side language for building dynamic websites and apps. It can be integrated with other databases as well, like MySQL, Oracle and many more. Platforms such as Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress all use PHP for their platform.

Java is another major coding language used by developers to create apps and software. It is often used to create web apps, android apps and server apps. It is most famous for being able to develop all kinds of android apps. Popular platforms such as youtube, amazon, LinkedIn uses Java.

Php Vs Java: A Comparison

Before you make your choice, make sure to go through this thorough comparison of both web development languages.

1. Language type and code execution

Php is an interpreted language, which can be executed in a number of ways. When you hire PHP developer, you can either execute the code by embedding it in the HTML code using a script tag. Or you can execute the codes through website cms.

Java, on the other hand, is a compiled language. It is compiled into bytecode which can be executed on Java virtual machine. It is executed by a CPU on which the Java bytecode can run smoothly.

2. Efficiency of concurrency

A web development language’s concurrency means the ability to handle the execution of multiple instruction sequences all at once. Just like other server-side languages, PHP uses multi threads and block input and output to perform numerous tasks parallelly.

Java also uses multiple threads to carry out the tasks in parallel. However, when it comes down to concurrency, Java is a little better than PHP, because Java’s thread to thread memory sharing works faster than the inter-process communication of PHP.

3. Dynamic/static type

If you want to hire programmer for PHP web development, you should know that PHP uses dynamic test checking. It creates a better and productive atmosphere for the programmers as they can easily categorize and assign the types according to their conveniences.

Java, on the other hand, uses static type checking. Developers have to specify every type of each of the variables with static checking. There can be more discussions on the losses and benefits of these two types of test checking. However, the major advantage of the static type test checking is that the errors can be caught earlier in the development process. On the other hand, dynamic types can increase programmers’ productivity. And that’s why before you hire PHP developer India consider the pros and cons of both types of testing.

4. Availability of tools

When compared, Java has a better availability of tools that PHP. Java comes with editing tools such as Netbeans, IntelliJ, and Eclipse, while PHP only comes with only a plugin for Eclipse and Netbeans.

Java can be debugged with the help of all the editors, but debugging PHP is only possible through the use of Print statements. On top of that, Java uses packaging tools such as ANT, Maven, Editors, etc. PHP however, only uses files that have no packaging concept.

5. Security features

Even though both languages come with proper security measurements, PHP lacks some of the integrated security features of other development languages, especially Java. which is why the developers have to utilize the various security features of PHP frameworks for security.

Java comes with advanced security, allowing the developers to use a secure transfer protocol for data exchange. These security features are the reason why many developers prefer Java over PHP.

6. Cost of development

PHP being open-source is completely free to use, which means reduced cost of development. When you hire dedicated PHP developer, they can use PHP frameworks to develop enterprise applications as well as customize the server-side scripting according to your development needs.

Java, on the other hand, is not, in fact, an open-source programming language. It does have an open JDK that can be used for implementing Java programming languages. And that’s why Java development costs more.

The comparison between PHP vs Java can not be done in a comprehensive way, due to their many different applications. However, it is important that you make the right choice before you hire PHP developer from India. So compare before you choose between PHP and Java for your web development project.

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The whole post is just a sham to promote "hire PHP developer India". It's really sad.

Just a couple of obvious and horrendous mistakes:

you can either execute the code by embedding it in the HTML code using a script tag

No, you can't execute PHP by embedding it in HTML <script> tag

PHP uses multi threads and block input and output

No, it's not. To enable multithreading in PHP, you need to compile ZEND Engine with ZTS enable flag & install pthread extension
BTW, concurrency != multithreading

PHP uses dynamic test checking

I never went to Stanford, so I have no idea what "test checking" is. FYI, PHP is weakly-typed language; starting from PHP7 you can enable type checks using declare(strict_types=1). Not to mention amazing tools like PHPStan, Psalm, etc. that enables static analysis of PHP code

PHP only comes with only a plugin for Eclipse and Netbeans

Even in 2006, when I wrote my first line of PHP code, there were more tools for PHP development than just Eclipse & Netbeans. Nowadays we have these amazing IDE and editors: PHPStorm, VSCode, Sublime, Atom, etc.

PHP lacks some of the integrated security feature

Care to name them?

And so on, and so forth... It's just really sad to see such marketing nonsense (incorrect & outdated) on a dev.to. I hope dev.to community will remove this obviously spam post as violating CoC.