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The Other Side of Fear

jessicaajosephh profile image Jessica Joseph ・1 min read

In life there will be many moments where you have to choose to either, stay comfortable and remain where you are or take a leap of faith into the unknown. Applying to Flatiron School was what I like to consider my leap of faith. There are many scary things about taking on a new challenge that you have no knowledge about. It's the unknown that not everybody will choose to venture out into. I choose to not stay comfortable with where I was at and to challenge myself to something that I know can potentially change my life by throwing myself into the unknown, into the fear.

Fear stops many people from doing risky or unfamiliar things. It almost stopped me from applying for the coding bootcamp because I was fearful that I wouldn't be any good, fearful that I wouldn't belong and fearful that I would let myself down. I came to the conclusion that I had to face that fear and just throw myself into it and embrace it. Now, I'm two weeks into my program at Flatiron School, in no way am I an expert, but I have really surprised myself with how much I was capable of learning in just two weeks. If I would have let that fear stop me, I wouldn't be in the position I am today, about to go on a journey that is going to change my life for the better. As Will Smith once said, "God placed the Best Things in Life on the Other Side of Fear!". So far the view from the other side is looking amazing.

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Atul Prajapati

Nice thought, thanks for sharing 😍